What’s your gift?

Durban Sunrise

Durban at Sunrise

Into the Bush & Out of Africa:

I haven’t updated this Cape Town to Cairo travel blog in 6 years since that fateful day my dad passed away suddenly while I was in rural Ethiopia, and now it’s time to bring closure to the journey with one final entry before going into the bush and out of Africa.

I haven’t reflected much on that epic transcontinental journey — until now. Truthfully, I was very nervous to return to these old memories, but I had to confront them as I’m back in Africa for the first time since 2011. I came to Durban, South Africa to speak at the World Economic Forum on the future of work and skills; an honor in itself. Link attached to watch highlights from a post-session interview with CNBC. Yikes, I’m on TV across Africa!

Sometimes unhappy things happen in our lives and we avoid places with old memories. But life goes on and making new memories in old places can bring closure. Here’s the most important memory I’ll take away from this trip (much more interesting than stuffy business elites and wonky politicos).

While walking along Durban beach on an incredible rainbow sunset a few days ago, a middle aged Indian fisherman approaches me and strikes up a surprisingly spiritual conversation. He has kind eyes and a warm smile that makes him easy to talk to. He tells me about his family, and how he had an unexpected third child six years ago, while his other kids were already full grown. This child was born with severe physical handicaps and it wasn’t clear if he would survive; 6 years later the kid is a genius. He tells me that EVERYONE’S BORN WITH A GIFT, AND OUR CHALLENGE IS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT GIFT IS, AND THEN MAKE PEACE WITH IT. Wise words for sure. Then he asks me why I have so much grey hair at my age? I laugh and say I’ve made peace with my grey gift…

It didn’t dawn on me until today that the fisherman’s son was born about the same time as when my dad passed away six years ago. Is this a pure coincidence? Probably. But why did this fisherman randomly come up to me on a beach to share this spiritual message? And then it hit me: what the fisherman was telling me was something my dad would’ve said. Maybe it was a message from the past, or an alternative world, helping me bring closure for the future. Thanks dad for that wise message.

My question for you: Do you know what your gift is? If not, make sure to figure it out before you go grey.

WEF Panel

Speaking at the World Economic Forum Summit on Africa

Forgiveness better than Revenge

Forgivness is sweeter than Revenge

Durban SkateboardingDurban Palm Trees

WEF No Money Sign

Property vs Values

Walking on Durban Water

Walking on Water in Durban

Durban SUP

Durban Life

Kian Joburg

Hello Joburg

Soccer City

Soccer City, Joburg

Soweto Kid

Kidding around in Soweto

Soweto Cycling

Bike Safari Across Soweto

Apartheid Reality

Reality deceives at the Apartheid Museum

Kian CNBC 1

Interview on CNBC Africa

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